There is no new normal, “only a before and after”. The Great Pause that Covid has created has impacted all of us. Through this experience, we no longer look to the outside and bring people in, instead we look within our own walls to unleash the wisdom and potential of ourselves and our colleagues.


But how do we do that? We know communication and connection are important – especially right now. How do we create opportunities to have conversation that will help our group become a real team?
“Heroes In Our Midst” began as a podcast series. In each podcast, the founders learned that: “It is a privilege to capture the journeys of the heroes that walk among us by listening with care and compassion. We know their words will empower others to have the courage to authentically be themselves, to lead and to make a difference. We are humbled by the trust our guests place in us so that we can creatively share the authentic stories that they tell”. Through these conversations, we have learned the power of people being ‘seen’ and we have brought these conversations to the corporate sector to help them create the brave spaces they need to be their best during these challenging times.


Are you:
Trying to build connection while continuing to work virtually?
Wanting to re-connect as you begin to re-enter your workspace?
Experiencing zoom fatigue or a lack of motivation and looking for a fun new team building activity?
In search of a more creative PD activity to engage your staff?
Trying to come together as you figure out your new working context given changes from COVID19?


The co-founders of Heroes in Our Midst are Michelle Sawatzky-Koop, an Olympian and professional broadcaster with over 24 years of experience hosting a Morning Show, and Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood, a performance psychologist who has worked at the highest level of performance for over three decades. Clients include Grey Cup Champions, Olympic medalists, World Champions and PGA tour winners; not to mention firefighters, emergency response team members, emergency room doctors, and air traffic controllers.

How does it work? Here’s the best part: You choose!

Option 1
Lunch and learns or team builders. You decide how many times you want to meet based on your goals. We share some content specific to you and we facilitate conversation within your team through the use of storytelling and rapid-fire questions.

Option 2
We work with you and you can create your own internal podcast series. This is great for executive teams or leadership groups who want to share their stories with each other or the entire staff.

Option 3
We bring an external ‘hero’ to your office conversation. We bring a guest from the podcast and get them to share their story with you. From there, we use this to help you share your stories with each other.


To add to your choices, this can be:
Virtual or In-Person, Small groups or entire teams, General or specific to certain goals or projects.

Through this process, we will work to help each of you have the courage to become a hero in your own story by embracing the below psychological principles.
H – Harness your why
E – Emotionally literate and agile
R – Resilient Mindset
O – Opportunities for Growth are Found
E – Embrace your Humanity
S – Self-aware and Self-Compassionate

Contact us today to learn more and build a program specific to your team:

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You have heroes in your community. We gather their stories and share with your audience in a meaningful way.